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About us

We are Automatic Identification enthusiasts.

Since 1992 Lexter helps companies in finding solutions to improve performances of their stores, warehouses, transport and manufacturing.
To become even closer to our customers’ needs, the young part of the company created Accessori a Barre. This website wants to be a practical and easy way to optimize terminals, printers, readers and access points use/utilization.
An dead battery, a worn print head, broken cables and antennas or an exhausted labels stock could become a waste of time and money.
The aim of this shop is to allow you to find the accessory you need in the easiest and fastest way, being able to read its real-time availability and buying it with just a few clicks.
Our daily commitment, coupled with our European partners’ high level of service, give as results the constant updating of the offered products and the real-time availability of stock.
We would love Accessori a Barre to become increasingly interactive. Reviews help us to improve our service, helping you to make your choices.
We wish you a happy shopping experience and remember: "accessories are not always accessories."
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